The EdgeTech 4200 Series Side Scan Sonar System provides a unique advantage over conventional dual frequency side scan systems by combining EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum and MulitPulse technologies into one unit. The 4200 Series comes available with a choice of two dual simultaneous frequency sets; either 100/400 kHz or 300/600 kHz, and offers two software selectable modes of operation:

• High Definition Mode (HDM) – conventional dual simultaneous frequency operation with extra long array for superior resolution; excellent tool for Mine Countermeasures (MCM).
• High Speed Mode (HSM) – MultiPulse operation on either selected frequency for speeds up to 10 knots, while meeting NOAA and IHO-44 requirements for Hydrographic Survey for "hits on target" compared to conventional systems at 4 knots. This is an additional feature for high-speed navy patrol vessels.

The array configuration for these two modes of operation is dynamically reconfigured by the system to suit the user’s immediate application. Real time selection of the 2 modes allows the user to choose the mode best suited to his task at hand.

The 4200 Series uses EdgeTech's Full-Spectrum chirp technology to deliver wide band, high energy transmit pulses, coupled with high- resolution and superb signal to noise ratio echo data. The system employs wide band, low noise front end electronics which reduce system induced phase errors and drift to negligible levels. The sonar data is also available as a complex, fully coherent data set suitable for advanced user applied post processing.

The 4200 Series of Side Scan Systems offers simultaneous dual frequency operation (either 100/400 or 300/600 kHz) in High Definition Mode and is designed to allow efficient integration of other optional sensors.

The EdgeTech telemetry link allows the sonar signals that are digitized in the towfish to be transmitted over long coaxial cable lengths with no loss of signal quality (see table to right).

The 4200 Series offers two towfish options based upon the user’s desired applications; a stainless steel or lightweight aluminum version. The stainless steel towfish is heavier and ideal for deeper water operation of up to 2000 meters and the lightweight aluminum towfish for shallower water operation of depths up to 300 meters. Both towfish are available with either frequency set (100/400 or 300/600 kHz) with the following model number designations:

• 4200-FS: stainless steel, 100/400 kHz
• 4200-FSL: aluminum, 100/400 kHz
• 4200-HFS: stainless steel, 300/600 kHz
• 4200-HFL: aluminum, 300/600 kHz

  • Mine Countermeasures (MCM)
  • Geo-hazard surveys
  • Geological/geophysical surveys
  • Archeological surveys
  • Cable and pipeline surveys
  • Search and recovery
  • Either 100/400 kHz or 300/600 kHz dual simultaneous frequency sets
  • Selectable dual mode of operation: High Definition Mode (HDM) or High Speed Mode (HSM)
  • HDM - Conventional dual simultaneous frequency operation
  • HSM - MultiPulse mode on either selected frequency
  • 2000 meter depth rating for stainless steel towfish (4200-FS, 4200-HFS)
  • 300 meter depth rating for lightweight aluminum towfish (4200-FSL, 4200-HFL)
  • Data transmitted over long single coaxial tow cable lengths
    Integrated with other sensors
  • Full Spectrum chirp processing
  • AUV/ROV adaptable
  • Able to interface with customer supplied PC and 3rd party software
EdgeTech 4200 specifications
    Frequency 100 / 400 kHz dual 300 / 600 kHz dual
    Horizontal Beam Width (HDM) 100 kHz - 0.64°, 400kHz - 0.3° 300 kHz - 0.28°, 600 kHz - 0.26°
    Horizontal Beam Width (HSM) 100 kHz - 1.26°, 400 kHz - 0.4° 300 kHz - 0.54°, 600 kHz - 0.34°
    Optional CW Pulse Short Range Yes
    Operating Range (max)

100 kHz - 500 meters/side
400 kHz - 150 meters/side

300 kHz - 230 meters/side
600 kHz - 120 meters/side
    Towing Speed (max safe)

12 knots

    Towing Speed *

4.8 knots in HDM, 9.6 knots in HSM

    Towfish Type 4200-FS/4200-HFS 4200-FSL/4200-HFL
    Towfish Material Stainless Steel Aluminum
    Towfish Diameter

11.4 cm. (4.5 inches)

    Towfish Length

125.6 cm. (49.5 inches)

    Weight (in air)

48 kg (105 lbs.)

30 kg (66 lbs.)
    Weight (in sea water)

36 kg (80 lbs.)

22 kg (48 lbs.)
    Operating Depth (max) 2000 meters 300 meters
    Tow Cable Type Coaxial
    Tow Cable Length 6000 meters typical

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